21 Mart 2011 Pazartesi

Smiling Succulents for Happy Cactus Monday

Hello dear friends from Turkey.
I just remembered that today is Happy Cactus Monday!
From happy succulents to Happy Cactus Monday Friends!
Have a great week for all of us

4 yorum:

  1. Your photos are so beautiful!!!! So fun to know you have cacti and succulents in Turkey!!!
    I am happy you joined us.


  2. Thank you Teri. Yes, I have a succulent collection. I like much to grow them and to take their photos. I also enjoy I joined you.
    Happy Cactus Monday

  3. Hi honey! Every one is so beautiful! Hope you are having good weather. We are just now seeing some sun after raining for almost 2 weeks straight!

  4. Hi dear Candy thank you!!!! The weather is fine here in these days. Sometimes we are seeing rainy days too here sometimes it is overcast. But it seems it is not normal. It is warm for March. If it goes like that I don't know what we will do in summer :)